R.I.S.E. Scholarships

Eligibility & Requirements
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Eligibility: Eligibility is limited to candidates who meet the following criteria and are US citizens or permanent residents. Scholarships are open to youth ages 17 to 25 years old.

  1. The GTCWAP scholarship is designed for candidates to choose a college major with a plan. Candidates that apply to this scholarship must consider the cost of college and select a major that will provide a return on investment. Meaning that their major of choice will provide a reasonable standard of living post matriculation compared to the cost required to complete college. Must have achieved a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA and have a favorable ACT composite score.
  2. iTrade is for those candidates that have an affinity for hands on work. This scholarship is for trade schools. Candidates must pass the entrance exam for such trade prior to applying. Candidates that apply to this scholarship should also have a plan to start an apprenticeship immediately after graduating to become a master in their trade. In, addition they are encouraged to consider working towards developing a plan to own their own business.
  3. The Garland C. Williams Jr Scholarship can be either GTCWAP or iTrade and is for youth that have been incarcerated and aim to combat recidivism. Candidates must take the ACT or entrance exam to a local trade school. In addition, a letter of recommendation from their probation/parole officer is required that outlines their character, willingness, and dedication to further their education and be responsible members of society. If the candidate is not on probation/parole, a letter must be obtained from a pastor or leader in the community outlining the candidate’s character. Candidates must reside in the Greater New Orleans, Louisiana area.

Application Requirements: All information received from candidates will be maintained in confidence. Only complete applications will be considered. All materials must be submitted at www.myrba.org.

  • Submit a written essay (500 words minimum and 1000 words max) that articulates the candidate’s plan for higher education post-graduation, and what he/she will do to build the community and RISE above his/her current situation.
  • Submit a short video (2 minutes max) biopic describing their personality and why they should be chosen for the scholarship.
  • GTCWAP candidates must also submit a high school transcript, ACT scores and proof of admission to the College or University they plan to attend.
  • iTrade candidates must also provide proof of acceptance into a trade school.
  • The Garland C. Williams Jr. Scholarship candidate

s must also adhere to requirements for GTCWAP or iTrade and provide letter of recommendation from their probation/ parole officer (as appliable), or a character letter from a pastor or community leader if not on probation/ parole.